Sourdough Starter Preservation

Whole Wheat Sourdough

We use 100% hydration ratio when we feed weekly. For example, if there is 1 cup of starter to be fed after the hooch(alcohol by-product) is poured off, then 1/2 cup of flour is stirred in with 1/2 cup warm water.
Sourdough bread is not always noticeably sour. Its sourness depends on how long you rise your bread.  The primary “good” bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, grows over time in your simple flour and water mixture  and releases carbon dioxide and alcohol.  Used to rise the bread, the sourdough starter is sometimes called wild yeast. It needs to be fed flour and water, which we do at least  weekly if not more often if actively making bread. It took us two weeks to culture a sourdough starter that was strong enough to rise our bread, cakes, pancakes, and even crepes for fajitas.  We also use this “wild yeast”  to ferment some of our diced vegetables that we put into our vegetable bread.

I photographed below the process of drying the starter for freezing and preservation.


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